Initial Call for Paper/Panel Proposals


Annual Meeting of the





November 2-3, 2012


Delta State University

Cleveland, Mississippi


Cities, States, & Nations:
Political Legitimacy in Crisis



The Mississippi Political Science Association calls for papers for our Fall 2012 Annual Conference, which will be held on the Delta State campus November 2 - 3, 2012. This year's conference theme is Cities, States, & Nations: Political Legitimacy in Crisis.  From the reaction against austerity measures in the Eurozone to the uprisings in the Arab world citizens have demonstrated their discontent and lack of confidence in governments, political leaders, and various public policies in several states and regions around the globe.


This year the Mississippi Political Science Association (MSPSA) invites participants to ponder the crisis of political legitimacy.  For example, papers might focus on an analysis of current or historical events; a particular region or country, a study of crisis management policy and procedures; or a theoretical discussion of political legitimacy. Relevant research from all disciplines is welcomed and encouraged. All faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in political science or related fields (e.g., public administration), who are affiliated with universities, colleges, or community/junior colleges--in Mississippi and beyond--are invited to submit proposals. We especially invite research submissions from undergraduate and graduate students and both categories carry "Best Paper" awards.


This announcement encourages you to mark your calendars and consider submitting a proposal.



PROPOSING PAPERS, PANELS, AND ROUNDTABLES: Please fill out Form A below and submit via mail to Dr. Jody Holland, 105 Odom Hall, University, MS, 38677 or email at

All paper proposals must include an abstract. Panel proposals must include abstracts of all papers to be presented—these abstracts should be submitted together, if possible. Roundtable proposals should include a title, a list of participants, and a description of the topic to be covered. Notification of receipt of proposals will be sent immediately, with decision by conference authorities following soon afterward. Scheduling decisions will be made as the conference date draws closer.


DESIGNATING CHAIRS AND DISCUSSANTS: We encourage faculty and graduate students to serve as chairs of and/or discussants for panels, preferably for a panel that does not include the faculty member/grad student’s own paper. Those proposing entire panels should designate a chair; a discussant may be named, but we ask that you consider allowing a discussant to be drawn from a pool of interested individuals—to provide outside commentary true to the spirit of academic conferences. Please mark Form A indicating an interest in serving as a chair and/or discussant.


CONFERENCE/REGISTRATION FEES: Form B below should be mailed separately to Dr. Stephen Phillips at Belhaven University. We prefer that conference/registration fees be paid in advance of the meeting date, though individuals may register and pay when they arrive. No one will be allowed to participate in the conference without both fees paid.


OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: In addition to the several panels, the association may offer additional programs, such as a reception with a keynote speaker, mock trial demonstration, etc. These programs depend on budget and membership interest. There will also be prizes awarded for the best paper presented by a graduate student and the best paper presented by an undergraduate student.


LOCATION: The conference will take on the Delta State University campus in Cleveland, MS. 


HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Several hotels are available in Cleveland, MS. Locations and directions to the event facilities will be provided shortly. 



Directions to the event facilities and the hotels will be sent out before the conference. A second announcement will be made in mid- September. It will include specific details (e.g., directions to the campus facilities, hotel accommodations, exact dates when accepted papers should be submitted to discussants, etc.).




Mississippi Political Science Association
Annual Meeting

November 2-3, 2012

Delta State University


Name: _____________________________ Affiliation/Title: __________________________________


Email address: ____________________________ Phone: __________________________________




1. Paper Proposal

Paper title:  ______________________________________________________________________

(Please attach abstract on a separate sheet)


2. Panel/Roundtable Proposal – circle one:           Panel              Roundtable



Title: ____________________________________________________________________________

Participants and affiliations:             _________________________________________________________  




Chair: ______________________________   Discussant: __________________________________

                                                                                             (see note on panel discussants above)

(If roundtable, please attach description of topic(s) covered on separate sheet)       

3. Serving as a Panel Chair/Discussant – circle one or both:            Chair                Discussant

Subfield/area you would like to assist: __________________________________________________

Please send this form and your abstract(s) by mail or e-mail (preferred) to:


Dr. Jody Holland

105 Odom Hall

University, MS 38677




Mississippi Political Science Association

November 2-3, 2012

Delta State University


Name: ________________________________  Title: ______________________________________


Affiliation (school, dept.): _____________________________________________________________         


Address (we will use this address for your journal subscription):









Email:  __________________________________________________


Office Phone: _____________________________  Cell phone: _____________________________


Note: membership is required of participants who are also presenting papers or serving on panels.



                        Faculty:                                  $25      ______

                        Student                                  $ 5       ______

                        Retired/non-academic          $ 5       ______


Membership (required for participants):  

                        Faculty:                                  $25      ______

                        Student                                  $ 10     ______

                        Retired/non-academic          $ 10     ______


Total remittance:                                          $          ______



Send your form and remittance to:


Dr. Stephen Phillips

Belhaven University

1500 Peachtree

Box 604

Jackson, MS 39202




Mississippi Political Science Association